Thursday, 10 January 2008

Triumph of the Surface


We are cosmicmegabrain, an independent curatorial group interested in investigating the contaminations between art, society and popular culture by promoting multi-disciplinary artwork from the international spectrum of emerging and established talent, via exhibitions and forums for debate.

Our forthcoming project, Triumph Of The Surface, is a stylish but provocative look at the domination and deviations of the fashion spectrum through the eyes of artists from around the world; a timely commentary on consumerism and globalization and our fascination with celebrity and the self, but, also in places a humorous and arch look at the thing we all love - fashion!

Our Venue - Transit Space




Cosmic Mega Brain is integrated with Transit Space.
Our venue, a 5 floor 20.000 square vacant warehouse in the heart of east London, will be a venue for London Fashion Week in September 2008, as it was in previous editions.

The space is being put to profitable use as a venue for various events in the interim period between it’s recent purchase by property developers until structural surveys finish and development begins; this leaves a window of at least several months.

This building was utilised by BANK, an artists’ group active in London during the 1990s. Their most significant contribution to UK contemporary art was a series of curated group shows, often with comical, and sometimes offensive, titles. As a group they adopted an aggressive stance towards the mainstream contemporary art scene of the time.
This collective was a major force in the emergence of the YBA movement, and included Turner Prize nominees and winners.

Our Artists!

Our goal is to capture the excitement and crystallize the obsession many of us have for surface and in doing so allow the viewer to explore it's deeper meanings and the subjective responses of the various artists on show.

Serpica Naro, Italy


*Fictional fashion brand, launched at Milan Fashion Week on the final day of shows on February 26, 2005.
Serpica Naro is an anagram of San Precario - a political movement that fights against exploitative working conditions. By creating a fake identity the collective managed to shock the media making a fashion show incorporating the ethics of San Precario.
According to the organizers, which are part of the team Chainworkers, the brand will remain to represent "a meeting place of creativity and self-knowledge sharing”.

Tobias Collier, Cornwall, 1972


*Tobias Collier's work involves various media: painting, video, drawing, wall paintings. His main subject is man's striving towards an understanding of the universe.
He lives and works in London.

Recent Exhibitions:
‘Astrophrenia’, GEC Gallery, London, 2005 'Hopes and dragonflies', Monitor Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2006 ‘Painting ruins’, Afghan Foundation for Culture & Civil Society, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2006 ‘Absolute zero’, Lounge Gallery, London, 2007 ‘Video invitational’, Viafarini Milan and Fondazione Belilacqua la Masa Venice, Italy, 2006

Suzy Goméz, Mallorca, 1964


*Suzy’s work is a blend of drawing, painting, sculpture, video installation and photography. She plays with the glamour of the fashion universe and searches for her own personal soul within the feminine body. An auto-biographic work in which the artist merges the fragility of the subject with rough sturdy materials creating poetic and beautiful pieces of art.

Recent shows:
recommended Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon
Susy Gómez
Galería Soledad Lorenzo, Madrid

Alessandro Bulgini, Italy, 1962


*Alessandro Bulgini's apparently monocromatic paintings reveal mysterious fibures beneth the black, reflecting surface. He refers often to the iconography of tarot and the image of the heratic.

He has exhibited several times in Rome, Naples and Turin where he works with the Photo and Contemporary Gallery.