Monday, 24 November 2008

Lisboa - Art Music Performance One Night Only

Human! You are a bullet in mankind’s machine gun! A thread in the fabric of history!
A single vegetable in the global garden!

Do not backfire! Do not unravel! Never succumb to the slugs!

Manpower is sweeping the world!

An unstoppable stampede of unflinching fighters against the tyrannies that plague our ailing planet!
A steam- roller, steaming towards inevitable victory!

So be part of the solution - use your power for the greater good – or risk getting trampled by the giant millipede of triumph that is - MANPOWER!

Maximum power!
Absolute control!
Non-stop action!
Oh yeah!
Ecologically sound?
Right on!

Manpower is working night and day, achieving goals, hitting targets, coming first every time!
Look around you and see the results for yourself:

Before: hopelessness, desolation, dinosaurs, unsanitary conditions

Today: joy, discipline, camaraderie, great food etc.

Manpower strikes again, this time it’s Lisbon!

The place: Rua Poço dos Negros ... a sleepy, traditional Lisbon street, resplendent with shops and houses...yet because of a lack of manpower this street is not fulfilling its true potential!

Our Objective: on 18th December 2008 MANPOWER will be mobilised to deliver an unbelievable demonstration of the strength of mankind in unity through the multiple mediums of art, music, and performance! This extraordinary celebration will take place on the street and in the shops, bringing art to the people and the people together, thus striking a decisive blow against the nefarious enemies of manpower!

Long live the unshakeable basis of human unity!

Long live Art, Music, Performance! One night only!

Manpower is a group show of international artists, celebrating the power and strength of mankind in unity. The event will involve a wide range of media, including visual arts, performance and music. We propose that this take place on 20th December 2008, in different venues and shop windows on Rua do Poço dos Negros , Lisbon for one night only.

This will be the latest in a run of similar events curated and promoted by cosmicmegabrain, the London based arts collective. The most recent project took place in Beirut, Lebanon and had a re-run in London with the addition of Lebanese artists.

The past cosmicmegabrain productions, all one-night events with different themes, have all achieved a unique atmosphere; the joyous revelry and humour of the often participatorary performances combined with the diverse insights to be found in the numerous works, from painting to video, give the occasions a wide public appeal.

The success of these ventures and the interest expressed by the media ("the Times" published an article about us), have instilled the confidence and desire to open the international channels of cooperation that facilitates such non- commercial enterprises, with the aim of gathering the momentum to create increasingly ambitious shows worldwide.

Portuguese artists will be strongly represented and another bold cultural exchange will take place, with the show re-running in London, January 2009, providing a great opportunity for them to expand their horizons.

With the potential involvement and participation of the residents and shopkeepers on this street the project promises to be a spiritually uplifting, inspiring and motivating experience for the community

This event will be co-produced with Cão Solteiro and Urbart.

Confirmed Venue London:
Shoreditch Studios

Pics from London Show ! Spiritual Promises from Lost Prophets